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Travel to Croatia

What Mediterranean dreams are made of. Meander down sun-kissed cobblestone streets, shaded by medieval walled towns and find yourself at the precipice of turquoise Adriatic waters, shimmering with a jewel-like intensity.

Key facts

  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (kn)
  • Population: 4 million
  • National dish: Istrian Yota
  • Bottle of beer: 15kn
  • Offical language: Croatian
  • Hello: Zdravo!
  • Capital city: Zagreb
  • Minimum wage: 25kn/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 3°C  - 32°C


Beyond the sparkling beaches and cobblestone streets, Croatia is overflowing with a rich history and culture, all tightly packed into the country’s petite physical territory. To step foot in this beautiful country is to step back in time, with several sites and cities in Croatia inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The people are friendly, laid back, and will always find a reason to drink and sing. Similar to many European countries, sharing food and drinks with loved ones plays a large role in Croatian life. If you’re lucky enough to be invited into a family home, then you can always expect something delicious cooking away on the stove and a Croatian mother urging you to “Jedi! Jedi! Jedi!” which means “Eat! Eat! Eat!”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cafe culture is a big part of European life, but Croatians take this to a whole new level, sometimes spending hours at a time just drinking in the sparkling Adriatic views and a nice cup of kava! 

Best time to visit

The climate in Croatia can vary from month to month so it's important to do your research before jumping on a plane. In our opinion, the best time to visit Croatia is in the warmer months between May and October, when the water is a pleasant temperature, the weather is sunny, and the beaches aren’t too crowded with tourists. July and August tend to be the busiest periods in Croatia for tourism so try to avoid these months if possible, as general prices and accommodation rates can increase. If you intend to travel outside of the popular months, then it's best to plan ahead as some establishments (small hotels, amenities and restaurants) may be closed during this time, not to mention the weather in inland areas can be quite temperamental. The country is trying to expand its tourist season so you will find that each year, more and more establishments will remain open for longer.

Best places to visit

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