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Why go Global

Since 2008, we’ve helped over 90,000 travellers turn their travel dreams into reality. It’s simple really. We’re the one-stop shop for people wanting to head overseas to work & travel. From the moment you become a Global Traveller, we’re your 24/5 support system. With a team of over 90 across 4 offices around the globe, it’s no wonder we’re one of the highest-rated travel companies in the world, and we’d love to show you why.


Payment plans

There’s no reason you can’t live out your travel dreams! If your funds are low but your desire to travel and see the world is high, don’t stress. You can pay off your trip in any instalments that you get to choose.

Lifetime Deposit Guarantee

We understand that life isn’t always a smooth ride. We’re proud to offer our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee for when things don’t go according to plan. Change your travel dates for when you’re ready, or choose a totally different trip of ours. You can even gift your deposit to a friend.

Global welfare policy

We’re passionate about sustainable & ethical travel, and we believe tourism delivers a world of benefit to both local and visitor when done right, which is why we only partner with organisations that align with our strong wildlife, environmental and humanitarian values. The select orphanages we work with have shown visible development for their children, passed a vetting process and can prove where their funding is distributed. We refuse to affiliate with zoos or any organisations that exploit, mistreat, neglect or profit off animals, both wild and domestic. Volunteers are only able to visit sanctuaries or rescue centres that hold animals for rehabilitative purposes, or that provide a life-enriching experience for those in their care with permanent physical or mental injuries which affect their survival in the wild. Internally, at our dog-friendly offices, we promote a plant-based lifestyle by only providing vegetarian or vegan food in our kitchens and at staff or traveller events. In 2019, we founded the Global Animal Welfare Fund to act as our charitable vehicle to financially assist animal rescue organisations around the world.

Worldwide support

Visa assistance

As a team of travel industry professionals, we can thoroughly guide you through all the information and complicated application forms that come with applying for the right travel visa. We’ll take you through a simple step-by-step process that will ensure your visa is correctly applied for, the first time, well before you take off.

Pre-departure assistance

Our experienced Trip Coordinators will take the stress out of travelling overseas, they’ll guide you through everything you need to know before you go, and leave no question unanswered.

Ongoing support

And it doesn’t stop there. Even after you’ve arrived in your destination and settled into everyday life overseas, we’re always here to offer advice or help, with regular check-ins along the way.

24/5 emergency support

No matter where you are in the world, we’re only a call away. In the rare chance you have an emergency during your trip, our 24/5 Global Emergency Line is always ready.

Strong business partnerships

We work with the best when it comes to our 1,200+ partners around the world. With strong business partnerships like ours, we know our Global Travellers are in the best hands possible when heading off on our trips. It’s also part of the reason we’re able to continuously offer new, exciting and exclusive travel opportunities, with unmatched quality.

Global extras


We’re a full-service travel agency with access to airfares through hundreds of airline carriers to destinations all over the globe. We specialise in offering flexible airfares to suit your specific trip, and can help even if you’re not joining one of our trips.

Travel insurance

Travel with total peace of mind. It’s best to be prepared when you’re entering a different country and unfamiliar territory in the slight chance that the unexpected happens. We always recommend Global Travellers are equipped with premium comprehensive travel insurance, as many of our trips have this as a requirement. Our Global Travel Insurance product will suit your trip style perfectly.

Adventure tours

We partner with some of the world’s top adventure tour companies, which gives our travellers the chance to add some unforgettable experiences on top of their Global trip and an opportunity to see the world in the best possible way.

Lifetime discounts

Once you become a Global Traveller, you'll receive exclusive lifetime access to discounts on all future travel with us, what more can we say?

Safe & secure travel

Our Global Travellers’ safety is of utmost importance to us and paramount to our core values. We ensure each of our partnerships, including partner organisations, host families, volunteer projects, host companies, teaching schools and tour operators are thoroughly screened and meet our strict & high standards, so our travellers can always feel safe and confident knowing that they are travelling with pre-screened and approved Global Partners.

Travel you can trust

We’re members of the travel industry's most prominent & renowned accreditation groups and associations. With well over 10,000 4 & 5 star reviews, make travel arrangements with a company you can trust to deliver.