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Travel to France

France will sweep you away with its intimate lifestyle of simplicity yet divine sophistication. It’s one of the world’s most visited destinations and you’ll understand why once you experience this romantic country.


Paris is one of those bucket list cities that so many crave to be a part of - people watching at a sidewalk café with croissants and espresso, picnicking with friends under the Eiffel Tower, and admiring the Mona Lisa and other famous artworks at the Louvre.


But once you’ve ticked off Paris’ landmarks, there’s a whole country waiting to be explored from wine tasting in Bordeaux to soaking up the Mediterranean vibes (and sun) anywhere in the French Riviera.


More highlights of France include the Palace of Versailles, Mont-St-Michel, and the castles of the Loire Valley. 


A getaway to this European country will leave you with a passion for all things culinary and luxurious!

Key facts

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Population: 65.7 million
  • National dish: Pot-Au-Feu
  • Bottle of beer: 6 EUR
  • Official language: French
  • Hello: Bonjour
  • Capital city: Paris
  • Minimum wage: 11.27 EUR/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 3°C - 27°C


In comparison to other nationalities, the French typically behave with more formality, especially towards strangers and acquaintances. Family is highly regarded in French culture and they have significant enthusiasm for food and wine.

Best time to visit

Many travellers content with skipping the Mediterranean lifestyle prefer to visit France during December - February (winter), when they can explore the French Alps and visit the famous landmarks with fewer crowds.


The peak time for travel is generally in June - August (summer) where travellers like to make the most of the sunshine and enjoy outdoor activities by the beach.


Visiting between March - May (spring) is prime time for blooming cherry blossoms, bountiful harvest at the markets and fresh wine from local wineries.

Best places to visit

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