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Since 2008, we’ve helped over 91,000 travellers make their travel dreams come true. With 4 offices located around the world, over 90 dedicated staff and over 1,200 partners within our network, we’re the one-stop shop for young or curious travellers wanting to head overseas and be more than just an average tourist. With over 11,000 4 & 5-star reviews you can be confident that your child is travelling with one of the highest-rated travel companies in the world. Our team of industry pros are there every step of your child’s journey and our 24/5 support team is on standby in case ever needed. You can rest assured that your child is a top priority for us before, during and after their exciting journey overseas.

Why go Global

Our dedicated team will ensure your child is provided with a job match in their destination country before their arrival, or we will extend their included accommodation to afford them additional days to enjoy their arrival city. While it is exceedingly rare, should we fail to secure a job match within this period of included accommodation, we will offer a complete refund of the trip cost, excluding any utilised arrival inclusions (e.g., tours, etc.). Whilst we undertake the research and legwork to find the appropriate job match, your child must participate in the interview with the interested partner organisation, whether through a video call, telephone conversation, or in person, and display a keen attitude to secure the position. We have cultivated and uphold strong partnerships with some of the finest organisations across our destination countries, situated in some of the most desirable locations for working holiday makers aimed at enhancing a customer’s cultural exchange, thus allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the culture and society of the destination countries. Customers are typically required to commit to a 6-month contract (4 months for certain arrival dates and seasons), although partner organisations frequently present the option to extend their stay. Once established in the destination country with local work experience on their CV, it becomes significantly easier for your child to travel to other regions within the country, should they desire to explore different facets of their destination country. Our terms and conditions provide further details.

What we do

Working Holiday

Working holidays give travellers the chance to make friends from all over the world, immerse themselves in a completely new culture and travel to nearby cities and countries, whilst earning a local income to fund their trip further. On our working holiday trip, your child will have a huge head start in front of any other traveller beginning their work and travel journey overseas. Our team of experts ensure a seamless transition for those who embark on our most popular trip by providing unlimited job opportunities, visa application assistance, accommodation advice, ongoing support with our local team, loads of activities to explore in their first few days of arrival, plus lots more.

Ongoing support

We pride ourselves on providing a premium and personalised service to each of our customers. Every traveller will have their own dedicated Trip Coordinator to assist with every step of their travel journey, from the lead up to their trip to once they’ve landed in their dream destination and settled into the new culture overseas. We have 4 offices around the world, and Global Travellers are free to visit us when they please and enjoy a complimentary coffee, Red Bull or beer on us! On their return home, if they require assistance with post-trip essentials such as completion certificates or tax returns, we’re always a quick call, email, knock or message away.

24/5 Global Emergency Line

No matter where your child is in the world, we’re only a call away. In the rare chance they have an emergency during their trip, our team are ready and waiting on the other end, 24 hours Mon-Fri.

Lifetime Deposit Guarantee

We understand that life can throw unexpected curveballs and get in the way of exciting plans and dreams. That’s what makes life interesting after all, but that's also why we created our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee for when these things don’t always turn out exactly as your child had planned.

Want to have a chat with a Work & Travel Expert?

We get it. Travelling is a big deal, especially if one of your own is flying from the nest. If you want to learn more about our trips, please get in touch.

Travel you can trust

We’re members of the travel industry's most prominent & renowned accreditation groups and associations. With well over 11,000 4 & 5 star reviews, make travel arrangements with a company you can trust to deliver.

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Common questions parents ask

Will my child be safe?

Yes! We are dedicated to creating a safe and stress-free experience for your child. We ensure each of our partnerships, including partner organisations, host families, volunteer projects, host companies, teaching schools and tour operators, are thoroughly screened and meet our strict safety and welfare standards. In the chance your child feels unsafe during their trip, we have a 24/5 Global Emergency Line where our team will be available to help them. We also offer ongoing support throughout their whole journey if they ever need advice or questions answered. That’s what we’re here for.

How do I know I can trust this?

Since 2008, we’ve grown to become one of the most prominent work & travel companies in the world and have helped over 91,000 travellers make their travel dreams come true. We’re members of peak industry organisations and our cabinet of awards reflects this. You can trust the 11,000+ 4 & 5 star reviews we have received from past and present travellers is an honest reflection of our industry-leading services and commitment to making travel easy. Feel confident knowing our team of over 90 staff are dedicated to being there every single step throughout your child’s journey, and that our 24/5 support team is on standby to assist in the rare chance they come across an emergency while overseas.

How much does it cost?

The price really depends on the type of trip and destination chosen. We have heaps of inclusions packed into all of our trips to give our travellers the best value for money and include everything they would need.

How will you find my child a job on a working holiday?

Our dedicated team will aim to provide your child with their 1st job opportunity before they arrive, or within the first 4 days of their working holiday. If not, we’ll extend their hostel accommodation for free until we do. Whilst we do the research and hard work finding job opportunities, your child will need to attend the interview of the interested partner organisation, whether it be skype, phone or face-to-face, and have an eager attitude to land the job. Throughout their entire stay, we offer unlimited job opportunities (so long as they commit to a 4-month term per partner organisation), so they can keep funding their travels overseas. For example: They may want to start off with a ski season on the west coast of Canada, then head to another part of the country over summer, with a few side trips around the US in between. That’s what our working holidays are designed for.