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Travel to Portugal

Ancient castles, enchanting towns, award winning wines, and very inviting beaches (over 100) are just a few reasons why so many people flock to experience Portugal.


This small country packs a punch offering every kind of activity including snow sports and is super budget friendly where you can enjoy European charm for a fraction of the cost.


The capital city of Lisbon has always been a popular destination mixing old and new charm where you can marvel at the decorative streets and buildings with colourful azulejos (ceramic tiles), feast on fine seafood, and dance the night away.


The Portuguese know how to party and love a good festival so if you time your trip right you can join in on the festivities! Carnaval anyone?


If you want to experience European charm and flare without breaking the bank, you simply can’t beat Portugal and its loveliness!

Key facts

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Population: 10.11 million
  • National dish: Bacalhau
  • Bottle of beer: 2 Euro
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • Hello: Olá
  • Capital city: Lisbon
  • Minimum wage: 760 EUR/month
  • Annual temperatures: 14°C - 29°C


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