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Travel to Cambodia

Home of the majestic Angkor Wat and some of the most stunning temples in the world unrivalled in both scale and detail, Cambodia is a country where ancient delights and modern pleasures unite.


Less explored than its Southeast Asian neighbours, Cambodia is a hidden gem offering all of the same beauty without hoards of tourists and Khmer (Cambodian) hospitality is top notch.


Landscapes include lush emerald rice paddies, tropical islands, abundant rivers such as the Mekong where you might even spot dolphins, and dense jungles with wandering wildlife.


Cambodian food is mouth-watering with many fish dishes, curries, and stews to satisfy your appetite - all deliciously different from neighbouring countries.


Located on the Mekong River, the capital city of Phnom Penh is best described as hip, complete with a cafe culture, lively bar scene, and stimulating markets.


Between the welcoming Khmer hospitality, jaw dropping temples, and natural beauty, one would be silly not to visit this charming and intriguing country of Cambodia!

Key facts

  • Currency: Cambodia Riel (KHR)
  • Population: 16.9 million
  • National dish: Amok
  • Bottle of beer: 7,966 KHR
  • Offical language: Khmer
  • Hello: Suasdey
  • Capital city: Phnom Penh
  • Minimum wage: 818,800 KHR/month
  • Annual temperatures: 22°C - 35°C


Cambodia is a country rich in culture and heavily influenced by fellow Asian nation, India. Cambodians are quick to rebuild, gentle and willing to find any reason to celebrate. They are generally considered conventional and superstitious in nature.

Best time to visit

Cambodia is warm the majority of the year and is split into wet and dry seasons. November - May (dry season) is considered the best time to travel to avoid rainfall. However, June - October (wet season) can make for lush rainforests and a beautiful evergreen environment.


We suggest heading over around November - February to catch warm enough weather to be able to swim but comfortable temperatures to explore the many sights.

Best places to visit

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