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Travel to Namibia

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the natural out-of-this-world beauty of Namibia that makes you feel like you are on another planet.


With desert realms, copper sand dunes descending into the ocean, skeleton trees embedded in white clay surrounded by red sand dunes and blue skies - you and your camera will be in insta-heaven with such surreal landscapes.


It’s a great place to go sand duning with dunes over 300m high and star gazing with some of the world’s darkest skies. Any nature lover would swoon at the sites of this country.


We can’t forget the several indigenous groups that call Namibia home that offer visitors various traditions and lifestyles to learn about. Must visit destinations in this country are Namib-Naukluft National Park including Sossusvlei, Deadvlei and Etosha National Park for wildlife spotting.


Remote, desolate, and strikingly stunning, Namibia is known as the perfect place to start a journey through Africa and what a great way to kick off it is!

Key facts

  • Currency: Namibian Dollar (NAD)
  • Population: 2.7 million
  • National dish: Pap
  • Bottle of beer: 25 NAD
  • Offical language: English
  • Hello: Hello
  • Capital city: Windhoek
  • Minimum wage: 9 NAD/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 6°C - 31°C


Namibia is extremely diverse, with at least 11 major ethnic groups residing in the nation. Family plays a particularly large role in Namibia, with many generations often living under the same roof. This nation is so renowned for its creativity and passion for crafts, dance, music and storytelling.

Best time to visit

Namibia is generally pleasant year-round. The dry season (June - October) indicates low rain-fall and wandering wildlife. For optimum wildlife spotting, travelling during this season is recommended.

Best places to visit

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