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What is teaching abroad?


Do you want to work overseas, but you don’t have much professional experience? If you speak English, you have one of the most desirable skills to work in some non English speaking countries. You can use this skill all over the world to teach English as a valid and meaningful occupation earning a generous salary to fund your travels (and life). Our Teach trips give you the chance to take part in a 3-4 week class-based TEFL or TESOL course where you’ll learn how to teach English to foreign students. You’ll be provided with accommodation, transfers and cultural activities and excursions throughout your course. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded an internationally-recognised accreditation which will give you the freedom to teach and travel all over the world or land a local teaching placement. You may enjoy it so much that you take it up as a long term career as there is growth potential! Most of our English teaching trips are in destinations where your dollar will go far to experience more - from cheap exotic food and booze to transportation, you’ll be able to party hard and travel loads when not teaching.


If you’ve ever wondered how to get a job teaching English abroad, wonder no more. This is your chance to take a break from your routine back home, connect with a new community, challenge yourself in an exciting way and, most importantly, return home feeling proud of the positive impact you’ve made on someone’s education.


Highlights of teaching abroad with Global

  • No experience is necessary if you speak English natively or fluently

  • Non-Degree Holder trips available
  • Earn an internationally-recognized TEFL or TESOL certificate to be able to teach all over the world

  • Growth potential to teach English as a long term career

  • Dedicated Trip Coordinator & In-Country Partner to help sort everything from job interviews to accommodation

Our Teach & Travel trips

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Why go Global

Worldwide support

Feel confident knowing that someone is always ready to assist throughout the journey & they’re only a call, tweet, comment, text or double tap away, 24/5.

We’re the experts

We don’t just say that to brag. With over 10 years in the industry and a team of over 90 passionate pros, you can bet we know our stuff better than anyone else.

Partner network

With over 1,200 partners around the globe, we have access to plenty of exclusive opportunities to make your trip the best it can be.

Payment plans

There’s no reason you can’t live out your travel dreams! If your funds are low but your desire to travel and see the world is high, don’t stress. You can pay off your trip in any instalments that you get to choose.

Lifetime Deposit Guarantee

We’re proud to offer our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee for when things don’t go according to plan. Change your travel dates for when you’re ready, or choose a totally different trip of ours. You can even gift your deposit to a friend.

Flexible trips

We understand that the unexpected happens sometimes. Can’t travel right now? Swap your trip, gift it or save it for later with our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee.

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