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United Kingdom

Travel to the United Kingdom

Rich with fascinating ancient history, the United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland - all with unique cultures and worth exploring for a multitude of reasons.


England’s cities are bursting with charm and grit where you can experience world class cuisine and music for any taste whilst the countryside of Scotland is majestically tranquil with deep glens and thousands of lochs.


Wales is well known for its dramatically beautiful cathedrals and castles whilst Northern Ireland is a road tripping dream with rolling hills and a stunning coastline.


Regardless of the country, quaint villages (many with thatched roof cottages), breathtaking scenery, and good ol’ pubs are never too far away! England is the most popular destination as it offers iconic sights, some of the best festivals in the world, and well..the locals know how to have a good time and they’ll welcome you with open arms.


Some highlights of the United Kingdom include London’s landmarks (Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge), Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Castle, The Roman Baths, and Giant’s Causeway. 


From the lively streets of London to the wild Scottish Highlands, the United Kingdom will leave you wanting more and more, including its neighbouring European countries. So much of the world is at your fingertips on this side of the globe!

Key facts

  • Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)
  • Population: 68.9 million
  • National dish: Roast Beef
  • Bottle of beer: 4 GBP
  • Offical language: English
  • Hello: Hello
  • Capital city: London
  • Minimum wage: 7.49 - 10.42 GBP/hour
  • Annual temperatures: -2°C - 25°C


People in the UK are often viewed as punctual and proper, with a huge adoration for sports and architecture. Arts and music are also very popular in society, seeing many musical legends rise from Britain and the UK.


The British Royal Family are also of immense importance in the UK and the Queen is a monarch for the UK and other countries that are part of the Commonwealth.

Best time to visit

March - May (spring) is speculated to be the prime time for visitors as it’s the season with the lowest rain rate and flowers are in bloom.


The city is warming up and it's a pleasurable time to tick off tourist landmarks during the day. September - October (early autumn) is the sweet spot for photogenic nature and handfuls of cultural activities and festivals.


December - February (winter) sees the temperatures drop, but that doesn’t stop the nation coming to life with twinkling lights, festivities, markets and Christmas joy.

Best places to visit

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