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Ultimate Sailing Skills in Primosten

2 weeks
18 to 65

Limited spots. Earliest available arrival is currently Aug 2023, and closing very soon.

Trip overview

There is no better way to learn than to throw yourself right into it. Get on board with the most immersive sailing tuition available and learn it all as you sail down the glorious Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Work on your skills as you glide over impossibly clear water, navigating channels through islands packed with history and natural beauty. Croatia is a nation of sailors, so where better to learn how to pilot and crew than in this shimmering corner of Europe. 

And these aren’t just any old qualifications. We have teamed up with an official RYA school to provide the most recognised qualifications in the world, the RYA Day Skipper and RYA Competent Crew Certificates. These guys are the crème de la crème of the yachting world, internationally respected and an RYA qualification will most certainly be taken into consideration by potential employers. 

You will be joining a group of students from all over the world on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia to learn the mysteries of sailing, how to safely pilot your own boat and how to work together as a crew, to the perfect journey. This two-week learning adventure is intense, but with your Day Skipper licence and experience in being a competent crew member, you can sail and gain some of the skills to potentially work anywhere in the world. You will learn everything there is to learn about your yacht, the weather and of course, the sea itself. You will build your confidence, test yourself and make friends for life as you lie on deck after a hard day, cold beer in hand with a million twinkling stars overhead. 

With some of the most majestic cities in Europe, all linked by the luminous turquoise Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the great cultural and historic societies in Europe. Intensely friendly and unbelievably proud of their country, the Croatian people will take you under their wing and make sure you feel like one of them. Experience the freshest seafood, wonderful Croatian beer and life on the sparkling open seas. 

Immerse yourself in a new culture, make lifelong friends and, best of all, break away from your usual routine back home as you embark on an adventure to become a sailing master, all the time surrounded by the wonders of the Adriatic Sea. 


Intensive Yacht Crew Member course (Week 1)

Your first week will involve six intense training days at sea, as you learn your craft inside-out from expert RYA certified sailing tutors. In a small group of five people max, you will learn all about sail handling, ropework, safety, meteorology and so much more, giving you the confidence to join any crew worldwide. 

Intensive Day Skipper course (Week 2)

The second week is all about building and testing your skills, to ensure you are capable of piloting your own boat through any waters. You will learn all about navigation, piloting, handling the yacht under power and wind, the ‘rules of the road’ and so much more. 

Dedicated Trip Coordinator

Handpicked from an experienced team who’ve been there, done that and ready to guide you through your entire journey and leave no question unanswered.

Trip visa guidance

If you need a visa, it’ll get approved as cheap and easy as possible with our step-by-step instructions and personal guidance from your Trip Coordinator.

Personal Travel Concierge

You'll get a personal Travel Concierge to plan your flights, insurance or any add-ons to synchronise perfectly with your trip. Deal with a real human and get a personalised booking experience that ticks all your boxes.

Pre-Departure Guide

Our in-depth pre-departure guide will have all the information you need about your trip & destination, at your fingertips.

Private airport transfer

A private chauffeur to take you from Split Airport to the Marina in Primosten to meet up with your instructors and board your yacht.

Onboard accommodation

Your accommodation for the week will be a shared double cabin onboard your yacht. Every morning you can head up on deck and jump straight into the inviting waters of the Adriatic. All linen and towels are included as is the cost of the final boat cleaning.


Before you set off for your week on the sea, you will join in a big shopping expedition to ensure you have enough food and drink to last the week. Food and drinks are included for the duration of the course. If you choose to dine out, however, this will be at your own cost.

Online theory content

There are two courses you sit before heading out to Croatia. You will take part in the RYA Radio Licence course and an Essential Navigation course, both of which will require a practical part when you arrive in country. There is an additional fee of £60GBP to be paid directly to the RYA for the Radio Licence course exam.

Fees, taxes and petrol

We include all the marina fees, the tourist tax and the diesel used when entering and exiting marinas, so all you have to worry about is learning to skipper your yacht.

Additional Learning Tools

You will receive a copy of the Royal Yachting Association Day Skipper Handbook and the RYA Scheme Logbook as part of the course.

Competent Crew Certificate

If you’re successful in completing the course, you will receive a certificate in recognition of your hard work and dedication throughout the experience. 

RYA Day Skipper Certificate

If you’re successful in completing the course, you will receive a certificate in recognition of your hard work and dedication throughout the experience.

Ongoing local team support

From our team and in-country project partners, think of them as your family away from home. Whether you need advice or a shoulder to lean on, you’ll be provided with unlimited support.

24/7 Global Emergency Line

Feel confident knowing we have a worldwide emergency team on standby, 24/7/365, so you can feel safe and secure throughout your whole trip no matter where you are in the world.

GWorld access

Stay organised with your personalised portal where you can keep all of your important documents and trip details in one spot and gain insider access to everything Global.



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Global Academy

Gain access to an ever-growing range of skills & languages to learn before & whilst you travel.


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To qualify for this trip you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between 18-65 years of age
  • Be a citizen of an eligible country
  • Have no criminal convictions in the past 5 years

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Trip details

Take two weeks to sail the crystal waters of Croatia and immerse yourself in the ways of the water. Apart from a few shore excursions, you will spend your whole time on a yacht with dedicated expert tutors to teach you absolutely everything you need to know to complete the Day Skipper and Yacht Crew Member Course. There are so many skills to learn and the course is one that you live, not just one that you do, with every new learning being put into practical action almost immediately. You will be constantly developing as a crew member and skipper, becoming one with your boat and with the water so that when your two weeks are up, you are brimming with confidence to sail anywhere in the world. 

Arrive in Croatia with the reassurance that you will be many steps ahead of every other traveller in search of the same experience. There are many ways to explore the country by boat, but nothing that offers as immersive an experience as this. Every day you will work together to guide the yacht to a different harbour, getting to explore the unbelievable beauty of the Croatian coastline and the multitude of islands that line it. You will be able to take a morning and evening swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, and then after a hard day's work you’ll be chilling on deck with your newfound friends embracing the natural beauty of Croatia all around you. A truly blissful experience.  

If you want to explore Europe further, then you are in a great spot to do it. You can head down the coast to Montenegro, the current European must-visit country, or jump on a ferry, or take a spectacular train ride to Italy, and from there you have access to all the big hitters of Europe. That being said, Croatia itself is somewhere you should definitely prioritise, with it’s truly unbelievable cities to explore and a warm welcoming culture to dive into. The choice is yours!   


You must be physically fit for intensive sailing and qualify for a Schengen tourist visa.

What extra costs will I have? 

Flights, travel insurance, meals whilst on-shore, souvenirs & spending money.

Trip itinerary


You will be collected from the airport and transferred to the Marina in Primošten. If you choose to, you can arrive a few days early to acclimatise and explore the city of Split before your course starts in earnest.

Day 1

Your trip will start on a Saturday at 4pm. After being transferred from the airport, you will meet up with your crew and team for the week. Then you will do some grocery shopping, safety, course planning and basic information briefing before departing on Sunday morning.


Training is scheduled for 13 days with overnight stays in different harbours/bays every night. The sailing days normally see a departure by 9am, with lunch taken on the go (sandwiches/big salad) and then dropping anchor by 5pm. All in all, it is a long and intense day of sailing, but you will always have some time to chill and go for a swim at the end of it. After the first week of sailing, you will return back to the harbour in Primosten on Saturday, to restock, recharge and get ready for your second week on the Adriatic.    A typical day looks like this:  Get up at 7.30/8.00, have a swim, breakfast, briefing for the day, start sailing, a quick stop for lunch, sail until 5pm (ish), drop anchor, have a swim and a drink, cook a meal together and chat under the stars. Pure bliss.    Course Content Your intensive seabound course will include the following topics -  Sea terms and parts of a boat, like the rigging and sails Sail handling Ropework Safety onboard Personal safety equipment Man overboard Manners and customs Rules of the road Dinghies Meteorology Seasickness Helmsmanship and sailing Preparation for sea Deck work Navigation Pilotage Maintenance and repair work Engines Victualling Yacht handling under power Yacht handling under sail Passage making Night cruising

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