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Travel to Argentina

Argentina is a country so full of intense personality and passion, it seduces the heart of any traveller. Streetside tango, hidden bookstores and quirky gourmet eats are just some of the reasons why this country needs to be on your bucket list.

Key facts

  • Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS)
  • Population: 45.1 million
  • National dish: Asados
  • Bottle of beer: 120 ARS
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Hello: Hola
  • Capital city: Buenos Aires
  • Minimum wage: 64 ARS/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 6°C - 29°C


Argentina is greatly influenced by European backgrounds, particularly Spanish and Italian. The country holds the title for being the ‘world’s largest consumer of red meat in the world’ and is renowned for its love of eating; most social gatherings revolving around meals. Football and mosts sports are huge in the Argentinian culture, along with tango.

Best time to visit

Spring (September - November) is considered the best season to visit the country as a whole. With incredible weather during this time, it makes perfect for sightseeing and exploring. Summer is typically when the north really heats up, so head south and enjoy the beaches, lakes and Patagonia’s beauty during December - February. March - May is when you should tour the autumn warm hues and world-famous wine regions.

Best places to visit

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