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Travel to Japan

Japan is a country blessed with a fascinating history, an incredible over-the-top culture, amazing food, and a varied and beautiful landscape. There is nowhere else in the world like it which makes it such a “must visit” destination.

Key facts

  • Currency:Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Population:127 million
  • National dish: Sushi
  • Bottle of beer: 650 JPY
  • Offical language:Japanese
  • Hello:Konichiwa
  • Capital city:Tokyo
  • Minimum wage:874 JPY/hour
  • Annual temperatures:5°C  - 26°C


Japanese culture is an eclectic mix of ancient traditional influence and super modern westernisation. Famed for their polite, punctual, friendly yet hard-working demeanours; Japanese people are incredibly welcoming and hospitable to tourists and guests.

Best time to visit

March - May is Japan’s famous cherry blossom season. The sun is coming out from winter and the country (and world famous plants) spring to life! The height of summer in Japan can get a bit warm, wet and humid. So cherry blossom season as well as the months of September - November are generally considered the best times to visit. Unless of course you’re visiting to see Japan's world famous ski slopes, which would mean November - March is where it’s at!

Best places to visit

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