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Travel to Japan

Combining two worlds - modern and ancient, Japan will leave you speechless with its futuristic wonders and unique traditions. It’s a cultural powerhouse that offers so much from ancient temples to modern architecture on the forefront of innovation and technology.


And we can’t forget the amazing food including the freshest sushi you’ll eat in your life (it melts in your mouth) and the beautiful landscapes being home to the three holy mountains - Mount Fuji, Mount Tateyama and Mount Hakusan.


Tokyo is a city so unique, you’ll feel like you stepped into another dimension! From neighbourhoods with their own culture like the eclectic Harajuku to neon lit skyscrapers and very efficient train rides, this city will dazzle and pique your curiosity at every turn!


For those with outdoorsy spirits, you can ski down Mt. Fuji in winter and bathe at a real Japanese onsen (hot spring) near the base of the mountain at any time of year.


And if you visit from March to April, you’ll be rewarded with pretty pink cherry blossoms - a magical site to see! Some places to visit include Kyoto, Beppu, Hakone, and Osaka whilst some sights to visit include teamLab, Cup of Noodles Museum, Nishiki Market, and Sens?-ji.


There truly is nowhere else in the world like the dazzling country of Japan, making it a ‘must visit’ destination, at least once in a lifetime!

Key facts

  • Currency:Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Population:125.4 million
  • National dish: Sushi
  • Bottle of beer: 650 JPY
  • Offical language:Japanese
  • Hello:Konichiwa
  • Capital city:Tokyo
  • Minimum wage: 853 - 1072 JPY/hour
  • Annual temperatures:5°C  - 26°C


Japanese culture is an eclectic mix of ancient traditional influence and super modern westernisation. Famed for their polite, punctual, friendly yet hard-working demeanours; Japanese people are incredibly welcoming and hospitable to tourists and guests.

Best time to visit

March - May is Japan’s famous cherry blossom season. The sun is coming out from winter and the country (and world famous plants) spring to life!


The height of summer in Japan can get a bit warm, wet and humid. So cherry blossom season as well as the months of September - November are generally considered the best times to visit. Unless of course you’re visiting to see Japan's world famous ski slopes, which would mean November - March is where it’s at!

Best places to visit

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