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German in Berlin

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2 to 12 weeks
18 to 85

Limited spots. Earliest available arrival is currently Sep 2024, and closing very soon.

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Trip overview

Learn to speak German – as you become a local in your neighbourhood  – while living in the heart of Berlin for up to 12 weeks on this unforgettable trip. 

What better way to learn a language than to jump right into the deep end? Engaging with the community as you live like a local in one of the most advanced countries in the world. 

On this done-for-you trip, you’ll get everything you need to live in Berlin while learning German, including: 

  • Small group classes. You’ll be part of a small class, giving you plenty of personal attention from your tutor during 30 hours of classes each week. 
  • Accommodation included. You’ll share a room and en suite bathroom with up to two other students. You can also choose to stay with a local host family, or upgrade to a private room at an additional cost. 
  • Local cultural experiences. To help you get into the swing of things ASAP, you can join a range of local cultural activities. Which may include bicycle tours, gallery excursions, football matches, and Baltic Sea expeditions.

Berlin is one of the trendier cities in Germany. The interesting (and at times, difficult) history, the cultural landmarks, and a thriving urban life make it a city well worth exploring. 

The city has become a hub for artists from all over the world, contributing to the thriving art scene across Berlin. You can expect to see musicians, artists, writers, and filmmakers visiting the galleries, museums, and live music venues Berlin has become famous for. 

AND, thanks to your fun lessons with your supportive tutor, you’ll be able to strike up a conversation in German with all these interesting people – surprising all the locals and securing lifelong friendships with interesting people from all over the world. 

Just imagine it. You’re part of the community, practising your German with the familiar faces around your neighbourhood – the guy pouring pints at your local beer hall, the little old lady at the shop, the neighbour you walk past on your way to class each morning.

Living in a German community like this means your German skills are coming along FAST. Because you’re not only learning how to speak German by day, but you’re getting to practise on your new neighbours by night!

Not to mention – your German speaking skills open up a whole new world of travel experiences. Locals LOVE when foreigners have a go at speaking the language. So if you’re putting whole sentences together – complete with regional colloquialisms and slang – you’ll be the most popular traveller in Germany. 

This trip is perfect for you if you’d like to scratch beneath the surface on your trip to Germany. You’ll be fully immersed in the community while learning the language so you can experience the real Germany. 

When you book with Global, you book with the best. You get the full experience for a fraction of the hassle. We offer the complete package for learning German in Berlin. 

Our team will help you with the essentials you need to start your new journey with a bang! Including helping you with visas, enrolling you in classes, securing your accommodation and a whole lot more.


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To qualify for this trip you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between 18-85 years of age
  • Be a citizen of an eligible country
  • Have no criminal convictions in the past 5 years

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Trip details

Exposing yourself to a foreign culture is by far the greatest (and most fun) method to learn a new language. Still, we're all human here, and we understand how overwhelming it can be to just throw yourself into it - that’s where we come in! 

Your trip has been finely prepared to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible before embarking on your way to Germany. Rest assured, you'll have our full support! Before you leave, you will have the assistance of your Trip Coordinator and committed staff on the ground to ensure you have a smooth transition into life in Germany. 

Throughout your time in Berlin, you will have the opportunity to choose between two different types of accommodation. You can choose to stay in a boarding school with modern rooms on a full board basis, shared with up to two others. Each room has an ensuite bathroom, pleasant furnishing, a TV, and a WiFi connection. Towels and bed linen are provided and replaced on a regular basis.

Your second option (and our personal favourite) brings about an entirely different experience, as you’ll be warmly welcomed by a host family for the duration of your trip. In this case, you will either have a room to yourself or share with another traveller, with some meals provided by your host family and others available at the institute. If preferred, students can also stay in private accommodation for an extra weekly charge.

Arrive in Germany knowing that you will be well ahead of any other visitor seeking an authentic European experience. With everything else taken care of, you can unwind and get straight into the experience. Your actual course is located right in Berlin-Mitte, situated in the heart and soul of the city. This area of the city is the birthplace of Berlin, which grew from a tiny town formed beside the Spree River in the thirteenth century. The course comprises of 30 lessons per week, with a minimum duration of 2 weeks up to a whole year.

You’ll be assigned to a specific class after taking an initial test on the first day. Each class will be made up of around 10 students to ensure individual attention and an opportunity for everyone to integrate and share this once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience. In the class, you will encounter real-life scenarios with locals who will assist you with the more conversational aspect of German. And when your classes have finished for the day, give the books a break and immerse yourself in the vibrant, exciting city right on your doorstep! 

For your convenience, all teaching materials have been included as well as a daily leisure program, weekly excursions, and a certificate of completion. Take the step to learn German in Berlin and reap the immediate benefits. Your certificate of completion will look fantastic to future employers but also progress your personal development and show you a new and exciting part of the world - not to mention the incredible lifelong friends, scenery and food you’ll encounter along the way too!



Be aged between 18-85.

What extra costs will I have? 

Flights, travel insurance, souvenirs, daily subsistence & spending money.


When it comes to accommodation, you’ve got options. 

The standard option is in a shared room in a boarding school with modern rooms. You’ll share the room and an ensuite bathroom with one other person. It comes with a TV, WiFi, towels, and linen. 

The second option – and our personal favourite – is the homestay option. It’s kinda like a secret weapon to learn the German language and culture in a heartbeat. 

Take your cultural immersion up a notch as you live with a local family in a homestay situation. You’ll either have a room to yourself or share with another traveller. And your host family will even provide some meals! 

Or, if you prefer, you can stay in private accommodation for an extra weekly charge.

Trip itinerary


Regardless of the airport you fly into, a private transfer will be waiting to pick you up and drive you to your accommodation. Should you choose to stay at the boarding school, a deposit of €50 would be due. Upon your departure, the institute will reimburse this deposit once you have returned your room key and settled possible damages or outstanding balances.

Day 1 (Monday)

You'll go over your orientation on your first day. This will contain details about the school, classes, study techniques, German culture, and daily living in the German capital. After that, you will take a placement test to be placed in the right class. Let the adventure begin…


After breakfast, you'll be heading off to class every day, with your first lesson starting at 09.00 am. These classes are subject to your class level and schedule, and will probably change through your stay.  School's out and you're off to explore the city, with a half-day excursion planned and organised for you every Wednesday and a full-day excursion every Saturday. Excursions may include Dresden, Leipzig, Potsdam, Wannsee, the Baltic Sea, and various other sites in Berlin. A leisure program is also organised for your benefit on the other days of the week with a pause at 18:30 for dinner. Both the excursions and the daily leisure program are conducted in German to ensure a deeper immersion into the beautiful language. These activities consist of athletic, creative, and cultural experiences.  We'll constantly keep in touch with you throughout your stay. If you need advice or support at any point during your trip, our team will be on hand to answer all your questions. Don't forget you can jump on our social media pages too or buzz our 24/5 emergency support line for urgent matters.

Why choose us

Our Study trips are designed to get you set up in your new life overseas – learning new skills from the locals – as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to save you time, money, and stress while eliminating the risk of returning home early. Here’s how we do it: 

We’re with you from the moment you get started. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Trip Coordinator. They’ll guide you through the next steps and answer all your questions. They’ll also help you with the pesky visa. No guesswork – only the right paperwork, approved the first time, in your hands before you leave. 

Your Personal Travel Concierge will help with flights, insurance, visas, and any add-ons you’d like for your trip. These are real humans too – no robots here. 

Once you land in Germany our local team will be waiting for you at the airport. You’ll be taken straight to your initial accommodation in Berlin. 

But our support doesn’t end there. We’ll be in touch during your trip to make sure everything is going smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns we’re one quick message, DM, email, or carrier pigeon away. 

Our team is well travelled so you can rely on our experience. We’re with you every step of the way. 

Join 80,000+ travellers – giving us 10,000+ 4 & 5 star reviews – by choosing Global to make your travel dreams come true. 

Most travellers book their trip 6-12 months in advance. Dates are flexible, but spaces are limited. So if you’re serious about studying in Germany, don’t delay. 

With our Book Now, Decide Later feature, you can get started with a small deposit today, and take a full year to choose your dates. 

We’ll take over from there, helping you with visas, flights, accommodation, and setting you up with our partner in Germany. 

This is the trip for you if you’re after the ultimate teaching experience in Germany, complete with everything you need and 24/7 support.

Click the red button to check dates & prices.

Why Study

The main purpose of this trip is to get you speaking German like a local while you live like a local. Which makes this trip perfect for those who want to connect more with the country, instead of simply stopping in for a visit. 

Our in-country partner’s teaching style is about learning German for real situations, not a load of useless phrases and big words. It’s conversational German – the same way normal people speak in Germany. 

These classes won’t teach you formal German with strict rules and fancy words. It’s all about being able to communicate with German people in German, so you can let the German culture become part of you as you get to know it more intimately. 

One of the many reasons you have cultural immersion and local experiences built-in to your course – so you can practise your German on real-life Germans in real-life situations. 

Living amongst the community while you’re learning the language will fast track your path to success. It will also help you integrate into the community so you’ll get to know Germany much better than most tourists.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are you the best company to choose?

As the world’s leading gap-year and "work & travel" company, we pride ourselves on providing a premium service for Global Travellers. Choose from a variety of awesome experiences worldwide, and let us assist you with visas, pre-departure preparations, flights, insurance, and tours. Throughout your journey, our cool tech features will support you every step of the way. As a Global Traveller, gain access to gWorld, our personalised app designed to enhance your travel experience. Keep important documents and trip details handy, and take advantage of exclusive Marketplace deals, a vibrant social network, language learning resources, side trips, meet-ups, and more. It's like having all your favorite travel apps merged into one, but even better! But our support doesn't end there. With four international offices, over 100 dedicated staff members, a 24/5 emergency team, and the backing of over 90,000 Global Travellers who have turned their travel dreams into reality with us, rest assured you're in good hands. We also proudly boast the most and best reviews in the biz, and maintain a massive following on our social channels including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Embark on your next adventure with confidence and ease. Join us and discover the world in a meaningful way!

Are flights & insurance included?

While we would love to include flights and insurance in our trip packages, it is not feasible to have a fixed price due to the diverse destinations, trip durations, and individual coverage needs of our travellers from around the globe. However, once you register for the trip, we will assign you a dedicated Travel Concierge. They will work closely with you to arrange the ideal flights and insurance tailored to your specific adventure. Rest assured, our team is here to ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free travel experience from start to finish!

How do I choose the right study trip?

With so many incredible options, we understand that selecting the perfect study trip can be tricky. That's why we recommend booking your favourite one, and your dedicated Trip Coordinator will guide you through the project details. They will consider your interests, goals, and desired outcome for the trip. If we find another trip that better suits your preferences, we can easily swap you over to ensure you have the ideal study experience. Rest assured, we're here to help you find the right fit!

Do I need any prior experience for a study trip?

Most of our study trips are designed to cater to participants of all abilities and levels of experience. You can confidently join our program without any previous background or expertise. Our courses are structured to provide a valuable and enriching learning experience for everyone, ensuring you can make the most out of your study trip adventure, and go home with a new or developed skill!

What is the typical group size I'll be studying with?

The group sizes for our study trips typically range from 4 to 12 people, with variations depending on the specific trip. Most of our participants are travelling solo and share a common enthusiasm for learning and making new connections. And as our travellers come from various countries worldwide, joining a study trip offers an exceptional opportunity to build a diverse network of friends from all corners of the globe!

Do I get a certificate upon completing the study course?

Absolutely! Upon successfully completing the study course, you will be awarded a certificate to acknowledge your hard work and dedication. This valuable certificate serves as a notable achievement and an impressive addition to your resume. Future employers will recognise your commitment to personal and professional growth, reinforcing your qualifications and enhancing your career prospects. Or, frame it on your wall to show off to family and friends of the epic skill you picked up abroad!

Why should I book now?

After the last unexpected disruption to travel caused by the..c word..people are now more eager than ever to venture out and explore the world, determined not to miss out on any experiences. Global Work & Travel works on a first-in-best-dressed basis. Booking earlier ensures that you don’t miss out on the best intake, season, placements and more! We recommend our travellers take 6-12+ months to plan their trip for a reason - to make sure you’ve got everything organised perfectly, stress-free. As a Global Traveller you’ll get exclusive access to gWorld, our personalised app where you can keep all of your important documents and trip details in one spot and gain insider access to everything Global. This is where you will find exclusive Marketplace Deals, a unique social network to connect you with other like-minded Global Travellers, access to our Academy with an ever-growing range of skills & languages, and so much more. Think all of your favourite apps merged into one, but like, better? Why not give yourself something to look forward to by booking that trip!

Can I travel with a friend or partner?

Yes you can! Simply tell your Trip Coordinator after booking that your friend is also going and they can link your profiles. For most of our trips we should be able to have you and your friends placed together or nearby. Meaning that you can live, work, play & travel together! But wait there's more! Not only can you travel the world with your besties at your side, you can also earn some extra cash towards your own trip just by referring your friends to Global Work & Travel. You can learn more about the great referral rewards program inside your gWorld account once you join. And for those who decide to go-it-solo, we’ve made it easier to meet other Global Travellers in the same region as you. Just like any other social platform, you’ll be able to interact, share, chat and meet with some really cool people who are doing trips just like you!

Can I bring my pet along?

At Global Work & Travel, we share a deep love for animals and fully understand the special bond you have with your pet. We recognise the challenges of embarking on a trip without them. Due to travel restrictions, requirements, and limited pet-friendly accommodations among our host organisations, we regretfully cannot facilitate their inclusion in the journey. However, many of our customers choose to entrust their pets to a family member or friend, embark on their adventure, and return home to wagging tails and furry cuddles.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

We know that life can get in the way of travel, so all our trips come with a great deal of flexibility. In most cases, if you cannot travel on your selected date, you can place your trip on hold to deal with whatever is holding you back, and continue in the future without incurring any penalty. You may also have the option of transferring to an entirely different trip and destination as well, or even transferring your trip to a friend or family member. In the event that you need to outright cancel your trip, if you give us 84* days notice you can do so with only a 50% cancellation fee. Your refund of the balance will come in the form of a Store Credit which you can put toward any other trip that we offer, including tours through third-party providers, as well as holidays through, and is valid for 2 years from date of issue. As international travel can be complex, your options are based on the progress of your trip organisation and our support team can assist you in finding the best solution for your needs.

How it works

1. Choose a trip style

Find your dream experience & destination, then secure your spot with a flexible & low deposit. Activate your gWorld to unlock some cool perks. Well done! The hardest part’s over!

2. We become friends

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3. Time to go!

We’ll get your tickets, accommodation & transfers ready. Our in-country team or partner will have everything prepared & waiting for your arrival. Get on the plane with no worries!

4. 24/5 support

Never stress, knowing we’re there with you when you need us with ongoing & unlimited local team support. And just in case, we’ve got an emergency team on stand-by, 24 hours, Mon-Fri.

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