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Travel to China

Known as the land of invention and the most populated country, China will captivate you with its unique traditions/culture, ancient treasures, and natural beauty - from treasured wildlife and mountains to famous landmarks. It’s an exotic destination where so much has originated from - tai chi, acupuncture, silk, dumplings, and apparently paper money (to name a few).


Apart from tourist hotspots like the Great Wall, it’s rare to run into many Western tourists so you can get the ‘real’ experience. There are so many other reasons to explore this massive country like its efficient infrastructure and transportation making it a breeze to travel through, its world renowned teas that might make you forget about coffee, and its eclectic cities that never sleep.


You can even meet a real life panda! Being enormous in size there are so many special places to visit, however these highlights are some of the most popular - The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Terracotta Army, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, The Yangtze River, and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.


China is nothing short of sensational and a bit bizarre (in a good way), where you’ll be diving deep into a pool of history. If you’re ready for a different experience, this is it. 

Key facts

  • Currency: Chinese Yuan (CNY)
  • Population: 1.45 billion
  • National dish: Peking Duck
  • Bottle of beer: 10 CNY
  • Offical language: Standard Mandarin
  • Hello: Ni Hao
  • Capital city: Beijing
  • Minimum wage: 13.00 - 25.30 CNY/hour
  • Annual temperatures: 15°C - 27°C


Tracking back thousands of years ago, Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world. Family is a huge component of Chinese life and it’s not unusual for many generations to live in one home.


Chinese are known for their traditional medical practices, as well as their commitment to celebrating traditional festivities, such as Chinese New Year and Spring Festival.

Best time to visit

Due to the country’s vast size, it’s possible to visit the country year-round. Nonetheless, spring and autumn are deemed the most desirable months to visit. March - May (spring) will kick-off explosions of colour, blooming flowers and sublime weather.


From September - October (autumn), you’ll be able to appreciate the warm hues of autumn and fabulous weather. If you’re planning on a visit to Tibet, you’ll want to get there between April - June.

Best places to visit

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