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Are you passionate about making changes, adventurous and want to travel while you save the world? Our volunteer programs are the perfect way for you to contribute to the current issues worldwide! All our volunteers make a vital and valuable impact on our projects and the communities we work with. Join the forces that will make this world a better place.


Browse through the program options below to see what suits you best! We've put together an all star cast of volunteer projects around the world, where you'll be able to do an amazing amount of good, in as short a time as a few weeks! Request info on any of these programs by entering your information into the panels on the left or right or click to read more! 

Volunteer Africa

Volunteering in Africa, is the ideal place to make a difference. Africa needs change, and projects are focused on humanitarian endeavours, wildlife conservation and protection and are all in need of volunteers like you! Volunteering is a great way to get up close to amazing animals on conservation parks, go on safari and meet so many incredible people with diverse backgrounds and stories...
Global work and travel program


Volunteer Asia

Volunteering in Asia will get you to places you'd never expect. Meeting other internationals and seeing spectacular parts of Asian countries that tourists dont are just some of the things you will find on our unique programs that are geared towards creating a new consciousness with locals and tourists alike...
Global work and travel program

Volunteer South America

Volunteer in South America will get you amongst local indigenous tribes and cultures, experiencing their ways of life. Particularly Amazon rainforest focused projects is where you will learn the most about yourself, the local tribes and this beautiful part of earth that is home to so much wildlife...
Global work and travel program 
Vol in Sous Amerika 


Volunteer North America

Our volunteer projects in North America are focused on conservation, animal rescue and rehabilitation. You will find projects working with Huskies, wildlife and a lot more...
Global work and travel program

Volunteer South Pacific

Volunteer in the South Pacific! The islands are small and as such revolve around the preservation of Turtles, as well as economic development of local communities...
Global work and travel program 


Volunteer Europe

These projects, have the main hubs of Europe quite closeby and combine environment and social development projects in a fun and exciting learning environment, that is tearing apart prejudice and building awareness for social change, the environment and marine life...
global work and travel Europe program

Volunteer Central America

Turtle conservation at its finest, as well as other conservation projects are at your fingertips here. These are some great programs that will show you the heart of Central America, beautiful local cultures and peoples, this is the learning experience of a lifetime...
Global work and travel program 


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